Hemp with Heritage

Hempsteiner’s home base is in Washington’s fertile Yakima Valley, where our family-owned farms flourish and our processing facilities reside. As a division of Hopsteiner, one of the oldest leading global hops producers, we are proud to be bringing Hopsteiner’s pioneering heritage into the hemp industry. Since its founding in 1845, Hopsteiner has trailblazed the hops industry in Europe, across America, and around the world by leading the industry with extensive acreage, long-lasting grower relationships, significant production capacity, and rigorous quality standards. Having survived two world wars, as well as Prohibition, Hopsteiner’s legacy is as deep as it is long, lending Hempsteiner with nearly two centuries of hard-won wisdom and a passion for innovation.

Our Core Values

• Community 
• Quality
• Integrity
• Service
• Innovation
• Education
• Sustainability

Our Mission

We believe your customers are our customers, which is why we only grow, source and process the highest quality hemp and refined hemp products.

Our Vision

We envision a world where high-quality, consistent, and affordable botanical products are available for everyone’s daily use.

Hemp Plants at Hempsteiner's farm

Turning Sustainable Business Practices into a Passion

Hopsteiner’s pioneering spirit also lives on through Hempsteiner. When the Farm Bill of 2018 legalized agricultural hemp for the first time since World War II, Hopsteiner’s North American leadership team answered the call by creating Hempsteiner in 2019. With the initial goal of utilizing hemp as a sustainable business tool—as a transition crop within our hop yards and orchards, as a way of giving more work to our seasonal team, and as a means of maximizing our processing facilities—it has quickly catapulted into a driving force.

Hempsteiner Plowing and farming Practices - Learn about us

Extending Value to Our Customers

Hempsteiner contracts with trusted family farms and has full use of Hopsteiner’s extensive acreage, production facilities, and team resources. This means our overhead is minimal, allowing us to offer the least expensive prices in the industry for our products as well as our toll processing. Given the constant market fluctuations in the price of hemp, we are in a rare position to offer incredible value back to our customers, free of inconsistencies or price gouging. Whether you want to process a small or large lot of hemp or purchase a small or large quantity of our products, you’re sure to receive the best price on the market.

Why Hemp?

Given our long history with hops, we quickly realized that hemp has many characteristics that make it a natural fit for our team at Hempsteiner. We think hemp is one of the most interesting plants on the planet. Hearty, fast-growing, disease and drought-tolerant, it makes a great rotational crop for any farmer. What’s more, hemp grows quickly, requiring a minimal amount of inputs. With reduced fertilizer and water requirements, farmers can grow the maximum number of plants for a minimal impact on the environment. Best of all, it has an infinite amount of uses once harvested. This is why hemp is the ideal crop for regenerative farming and the poster child of the three pillars of sustainability!

Leading the Hemp Industry

With the help of our expert scientists, the team at Hempsteiner is quickly taking on the Hopsteiner pioneering spirit by leading plant trials in the field, by initiating industry-wide ring analysis among our peers, and by imposing our high-quality standards where there previously were none. By practicing the adage, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” we are hoping to bring consistency, stability and rigor to the emerging hemp industry, while offering customers reliable, top quality products and toll processing.

Our Certifications

We are in the process of expanding our GLOBAL G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) certification to include hemp farming, a rigorous certification process that considers worker and contractor health; safety and welfare; sustainable farming and land management practices; reporting systems; hygiene and food safety; and complete traceability. All of our 2020 crop will be GLOBAL G.A.P. certified.

Both our farms and processing plants are certified to handle and process both organic hops and hemp. Again, this requires attention to detail: complete separation and traceability of the different products, following approved organic processing and farming procedures, and a commitment to clean and well-organized facilities.

All of our processing plants operate under a Quality Management System (QMS) that is ISO 9001:2015 Management System certification, an internationally recognized standard that validates the quality of our manufacturing, including everything from our organizational structure and leadership to systems to improve customer satisfaction.

By virtue of our compliance with both the ISO 9001:2015 standard, as well as the GLOBAL G.A.P. standards, we are a recognized sustainable organization and quality-driven organization operating in a sustainable manner.

In addition, we are currently registered with EcoVadis and Sedex, and the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI), to ensure the transparency of our sustainability and corporate social responsibility practices through our supply chain. We are also certified with Kosher and Halal to comply with the growing and processing standards for those certifications.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will update this information as it changes.